Association driven by the law of the 01.07.1901 and the decree of the 16.08.1901
Siège Social : ANNECY LE VIEUX
Registered at the Préfecture de Haute-Savoie on 28.11.1977 # 3429
Siret # : 495 289 043 00012
Postal adress : Centre de résidence Bernard Chevron
3 rue des Martyrs de la Déportation – ANNECY LE VIEUX – 74940 ANNECY
Tel.(Answering machine) : 04 50 32 87 74
* A telephony permanence is in place every Tuesday from 5 to 7 pm.

The Genealogical Centre of Savoy aims to bring together people interested in genealogy (assistance and advice to beginners), the history of their region and having at heart to help each other. Each year, systematic surveys are performed and made available to members for consultation in each office.

The C.G.S. by itself does not realize genealogy, however, in addition to ad hoc support and advice it could voluntarily bring you in your work, our association offers:

  • Genealogical books and magazines,
  • Courses in palaeography,
  • A presentation of genealogy software,
  • An update of patronymic list (Quick List),
  • Selling patronymic filiative lists and tables,
  • A review "Les Rameaux" addressed three times a year to all members and allows, among others, by its Questions & Answers, his letters to the editor and lightning lists, to expand your field of research,
  • Hotlines in its 5 offices where you will be able to exchange ideas and work,
  • The C.G.S. website allows you to find all this information:
    – Access to our ExpoActes database of over 3 million acts
    – Our list of microfilms
    – Flash list of our members
    – The recounts of C.G.S.
    – Genealogy software
    – Access to GeneaBank
    – Genealogical links

Membership requirements for the current year: Annual subscription: 29 €
This fee includes, besides 3 reviews "Les Rameaux", access to the database of the C.G.S. and to GeneaBank.